Dirty Weeks

by Crumbler

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Dirty Weeks is still available on 7" vinyl from Bottled Up Records. Email Jeff at starttodayzine@hotmail.com for more info. We have set the download as a free download. Please feel free to download this album and give the link to anyone who is interested. Thank you for giving Crumbler a chance.


released January 11, 2007

Engineered and mixed by William Yip at The Music Shop.
Produced by William Yip and Crumbler.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside.
Cover photo by ?
Cover art by Jeff Lasich.

Vocals: Larry Wiechecki
Guitar: Jude Miller
Guitar: Donny Mutt
Bass: Klint Kanopka
Drums: Jon Murphy

Additional vocals on Stalk With An Agenda by Greg Polard.



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Crumbler Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Crumbler was a Philadelphia hardcore band from 2005 to 2007.

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Track Name: Hooker Paradise
Let's get you off the streets.
And into my heart.
You got a gift that will last forever.
You got a gift we can share together.
Track Name: Manic Times
I know I've got the world in the palm of my hand.
Sick of tip-toeing through the tulips.
Stomach in my balls when I'm climbing the walls.
I'm waltzing out on easy street counting my blessings.
Leave the street lights on.
It's gonna be a long walk home.
Track Name: Summer Classic
We always wear our hears on our sleeves.
Around our necks, between our legs.
Recycling through the recycled.
Trusting the traitors.
Pretending to care.
But you don't know what she says to me when we're all alone.
Track Name: Mattress
You're frigid and lay there like a dead fish.
I should've just given my dick to charity.
Track Name: Stalk With An Agenda
I'm in your head.
I'm underneath your bed.
I'd rip out your lungs.
I need room to breath.
It's just me.
I'm not crazy.
What was I thinking?
Track Name: Beaver Shots
First there was the pictures.
Then there was the videos.
Yea, I already know.
Been using angels as target practice.
In hindsight I should've used your face.
Get shit on.
Get pissed on.
Get cummed on.
Get fucked.
Track Name: Headaches
I got this problem.
It's in my head.
Go on and needle me in.
Give me fucking medicine.
Why can't they just fix me.
The coroner stopped by.
He said "do me a favor, please die.
I could really use the work"
Track Name: Sweet Chuck's Bag Of Sorrows
The more I drink the drunker I get.
Track Name: Seniors '76
We're trying to out run the sun.
Living through days.
We use to know.
Out run the sun.
Track Name: Cheap Lingerie
I'm a speed traveling onward.
Cause faith ain't my thing.
And I'm trading in my daydreams.
For a rabbits foot and a shiny new kazoo.